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What? Even Star Trek Memory Alpha refers to the Ship seen in the Balance of terror as a "bird of Prey."
The ship in Balance of Terror is never referred to by Romulan crew as a bird of prey. Obviously the Starfleet crew wouldn't know, it's simply the Romulan ship. Referring to the Romulan ship in that episode as a bird of prey is something the fans came up with. Memory Alpha is run by a group of fans.

The ship literally has a a bird painted on the bottom.
Elaborate "nose art." Some US military aircraft have similar paint jobs. The A10 Warthog is painted as a "Black Snake." And the F16 Flying Falcon is painted as a Native American "Thunderbird."

Now your right no exact numbers of crew are mentioned but the episode was based on a destroyer hunting down a submarine so its sort of suggested that the ship does not have a huge crew.
The episode is loosely based on the movie The Enemy Below. The submarine type in that movie had a crew of about 50. Sulu in TSFS said a Klingon BoP had a crew of a dozen.

The Klingon use the same basic configuration on some of their larger ships, but it's not clear if the Klingon (or Starfleet) refer to these as a BoP.

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