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Re: I need to run this by some people...

Gaith wrote: View Post
So did you ask her out, or not?!
I haven't asked her for any contact information, she does not appear to have a Facebook page, and I don't have class with her again until Tuesday. It doesn't occur to me to ask these kinds of things. Hell, I had been talking to her regularly for a month before I knew what her name was...

Grim Reaper wrote: View Post
How about just telling her that she seems like an interesting person and that you would be interested in getting to know her outside of class? If she has another class after the one the two of you are in together, maybe she would meet you somewhere for coffee after that class?
What? There's no way things like this are that simple! I'm pretty sure I have to wait until the planets align under a full moon and the second stage of the prophecy reveals itself. Even if that's not necessary I should probably consult the ancient texts or cast some runes or something. Also, donning the ceremonial garb. That's usually important.
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