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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Can anyone comment on whether the quality of the original broadcasts / DVDs of season 2 was noticeably better than season 1?

Looking at the HD vs SD comparisons of S2, there's clearly a great improvement but somehow missing a wow factor that was there for season 1.

I guess this is for one of three possible reasons (although I'm not saying any of these are necessarily true):
1. S2 HD remaster isn't up to the standard of CBS-D's job on S1.
2. "HD fatigue", after looking at probably hundreds of S1 screenshots, and watching the whole series on Bluray, I've become used to seeing TNG in HD.
3. Season 2 DVD's looked better than Season 1 (did they?), so the difference in SD vs HD isn't as astounding.

Aside: the season two aspect ratio seems to be a tiny bit wider than S1? The screenshots are 1460x1080 vs S1's 1440x1080 (which are the usual dimensions for 4:3 content on Bluray)

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