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Re: What are you looking forward to in Trek?

Into Darkness ofcourse, though I'm not looking forward to fanboys who will hate for the sake of hating. Good change I'll avoid the forums like the plague by then, just so I won't have to suffer some of those know-it-alls.

And the novels. I love the novels. The current novels are telling some of the best stories Trek has ever offered, in my opinion. Destiny, the situation with the Typhon Pact. The first novel of Cold Equations was fantastic. Voyager is actually interesting thanks to Kirsten Beyers. David R George III is showing he has a great grasp of the DS9 characters, both old AND new. Vanguard sadly ended, but thank God for the work Mack, Ward, Dayton and others have done their. The DTI novels showed us there's more then just Starfleet. Sadly, only Martin's substandard work on Titan has been a bit of dark spot. And again, all in my humble opinion.

A lot of fans complain that there is no new Trek anymore, since we haven't had a tv-show in ages. I say, grab some of those novels and be amazed by how BIG the Trek universe has actually become.
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