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Re: Star Trek Begins Web Series

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Star Trek Begins shows a lot of promise. It's not made clear in the above info, but I've conversed with the guys from STB on their FB page and website. Contrary to what they posted above, they told me the series will take place in the New Timeline, but PRIOR to see, the Enterprise in ST2009, in STB's reality, is the second ship to bear the name Enterprise...the ship in STB is the ORIGINAL starship Enterprise, first commanded by Captain Robert April, and during the series under the command of Christopher Pike.

At least that's what the person who runs their FB page told me.

I was on board right up until I read this...

I don't know how they plan on getting away with that, if Patty's recent listing of Paramount's guidelines for fan films is to be believed - anything set in the "nu" universe is patently a no-no.
Where is this listing of guidelines?
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