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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

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Why does Louisiana get to unilaterally decide its coastal waters?
Hmmm, because those waters would be immediately ajacent to Louisiana's physical coast line?

A 12 mile territorial limit and a 200 mile exclusive economic zone.

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Getting the American people behind an attack on Louisiana?
The President is explicitly authorized by statute and by the constitution to use the army to defend the US from invasions and insurrections
There is no "violent uprising against an authority or government" here. It's all rather polite and civilized.

As for Libya, I'll refer you to the War Powers Act.
Thank you, now can you please refer President Obama to the War Powers Act?

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It would be similar to after the earthquake in Haiti, the aid would pour in.
Yes. Look how well Haiti is doing now.
When it came to the "aid would come pouring in" part, Haiti in that regard did quite well.

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