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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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Mum don't need a sidekick. Susanna Thompson is stealing the show by herself.
Ain't it the truth?

Just marathoned this after I found out Susana Thompson was in it. Thompason rules, but Stephen Amell is quite good with his voice, ranging from a young Garrett Dillahunt to a not-so-blatantly cartoony Christian Bale growl. He's also gracefulo and buff at appropriate times. And he's pretty, even with the silly stubble look. Does anyone really confuse stubble with testosterone?

That said, the role is thankless BS. Ollies recaps Dexter's tired vigilante daydreams with even loonier power of script. Then he adds on a huge dollop of pity party over how his noble mission requires him to act like a sociopath, alienating him from the family/city he is doing it all for. Except unlike early Dexter he doesn't sweat bullets trying, thereby earning some laughs and good opinion. This show is incredibly solemn.

Nobody else is particularly good. The girl trying to channel Maggie Gyllenhaal can't surmount the ludicrous costume choices, and she's the best of the rest. Paul Blackthorne sounds false in every line he utters. The poor fellow playing Walter seems like he wandered onto the set by mistake, and doesn't seem to be aware he isn't playing Benson in the reboot. I think he was directed that way, but it's still disconcerting.

The continuing storyline is already biting itself in the ass. Moira in particular is already supposed to have connived in the murders of her husband and son, yet gone to great lengths to retrieve the evidence of the murder. Blackmail against Criminal Ken? But if Barbie's wayward boyfriend knows about the yacht, why isn't he down on THE Queen?
And why would she suddenly develop both scruples and the balls to fight when she's already sent half her family to Davy Jones' Locker?

Frustratingly, Oliver and Moira don't interact much. I suppose this is so we can keep wondering if "Oliver" is French for "Orestes." And whether THE Queen hasn't already figured Oliver out and is using him to take erase the nomenklatura, and take it all for herself.
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