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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

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It's hard to believe that you have a genuine interest in discussing the topic when you freely dismiss elements of the show that are in no way unique to this episode as "that's not realistic".
And it not just the Klingons who possess a alien society and culture. The Vulcans aren't depicted as Humans, neither are the Trill. Alien cultures in Star Trek can be used to examine our own, compare and contrast. Should the various alien cultures in Star Trek be to much the "ideal just like me," the show would suffer for it.

With the exception of the technology, there actually nothing about the Klingon culture (in whole or bits and pieces) that can't be found in our own history. And in our own present.

Is Klingon Mauk-to'Vor so much different that Japanese seppuku?

Replace the word "honor," with the word "respect," and there are some aspects of the Klingon culture in the one I grew up with. But only some.

Picard (Ethics): " We don't have to agree with it, we don't have to understand it, but we do have to respect his beliefs."

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You seem to be under the impression that Kurn wanted to die out of simply depression, you've referred to him being "depressed" a few times in this thread.

Kurn had been stripped of his honor and societal position through no action of his own, it was a result of his older brother that he found himself in this situation. Kurn's worthiness and respectability inside the Klingon world was gone, his father's house dissolved. The House of Mogh had a seat on the Klingon council, since Worf (as head of House) didn't participate in council meetings, debatably it was Kurn who actually sat in council.

Kurn wasn't "depressed," he was shamed.

I mentioned Japanese seppuku previously, one of the prime motivations for seppuku (ritual suicide) was personal shame and dishonor. In more formal seppuku there would be a selected attendant, and the ceremony would take on the form of assisted suicide.

So there is a parallel to Mauk-to'Vor in Human historical culture.


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