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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

To explore deep space we need a heavy-lift vehicle -SLS,” says Michael Gazarik, NASA, (hardly misguided) Or Carolyn Porco for that matter. Now this can all turn into a pissing contest into who is qualified to make what statements, and she was treated rather ugly over at nasaspaceflight and handled herself well there.

Nice to see a diversity of opinions all the same. Some here think any spending on space now is a waste. Byeman defends the KSC folks, and I do too. I don't think they are obsolete as newtype thought--and as Jim said they could easily find work elsewhere. But if they did, and heaven forbid something happens to Musk, then it would take some time to get that expertise back, if some of those folks refused to re-locate a second time, knowing they may be burned.

Now the idea of busy work may sound like pork to some, but having at least some type of goal Venture Star SLS/ MCT --whatever--is good for an industry. I like seeing all this LV development. Over-ripe? maybe. I'm sure Musk and the folks behind Antares are concerned about this block buy of EELVs, so what I would like to do now, if I may, is to postulate a post SLS space community.

Let's say SLS dies, and it comes down to Musk vs the ULA/EELV establishment. Who wins that one?
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