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Re: Star Trek: Republic (Book II: Ties of Blood)

“That is not good enough, Special Agent Faulkner,” Josiah snarled. “I am aware Matt’s family is missing—the entire law enforcement apparatus of the Federation is aware that his family is missing. I want to hear that they have been found . . . safe, secure, and alive.”

“Sir, achieving that is our top priority,” the special agent from Starfleet’s Criminal Investigative Service answered. “Unfortunately, that does not change the fact that, as of this moment, we have no idea where Captain Dahlgren’s ex-wife and his daughters are. I can tell you what we know . . . I cannot and I will not speculate beyond that, Admiral Parker.”

Josiah sighed and he nodded. “It’s not your fault, Daniel. I simply cannot believe that this has happened on Earth!”

Daniel nodded grimly. “We have confirmed that Melody Holder, formerly Melody Dahlgren, and two of her daughters, Amanda and Sarah were present in the house, along with a Klingon who forensics has identified as Ambassador Cha’shin—the Klingon Ambassador to the Federation. Ambassador Cha’shin and Sarah Dahlgren were injured in the attack—the ambassador’s aide and bodyguard was found dead outside the residence. Four men assaulted the home—all four of them are dead; one at the hands of a hunting shotgun that was wielded by Dahlgren’s daughter Amanda. Despite having two injured, the fugi- . . .” Daniel paused at the angry expression on Josiah’s face, and he held up a placating hand, “Admiral, while SFCIS considers Dahlgren’s family to be victims, officially they have been classified as fugitives.”

“By who, Special Agent?” Josiah growled softly.

“The Federation Bureau of Investigation, Admiral. Warrants have been issued for the arrest of all four—and Dahlgren’s eldest daughter who is missing from New York City.”

“On what charges?”

“Murder and conspiracy to commit murder,” the special agent replied, bracing himself for an explosion from the man across the desk.

Daniel Faulkner was not disappointed. “MURDER?!” Josiah thundered. “WHO THE HELL DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE DEALING WITH?”

“Admiral, the FBI has the same forensic information that we do—Melody Dahlgren killed one intruder, her daughter Amanda another; the Klingon killed two. Without eye witnesses and lacking their side of the story, that organization has taken their apparent flight as evidence of guilt. In fact, I have been ordered by the FBI to drop our investigation of the matter,” Daniel smiled as Josiah began to draw in air for another explosion, “I told him he could go have intercourse with a Horta. This is the family of an active duty Starfleet Captain, and it is well within the jurisdiction of the SFNCIS.”

Josiah nodded and his outburst turned into a grim chuckle. “Daniel, I think it is time that I brought you into the full story here. You are one of the few people I trust with this—but you need to know, if we are going to keep Matt’s family safe and sound.”

Both men turned to look towards the door as it slid open and uniformed agents of the FBI and Starfleet’s own Counter-Espionage Division entered the office.

“Admiral Parker, will you stand, please?” one agent asked.

“What is this?”

“By order of the Federation Council, you are hereby under arrest for treason, mass murder, and espionage. Our investigation into the loss of USS Balao confirms that you sent the Klingons the command codes for that starship and for USS Republic.”

“WHAT!” Josiah bellowed as he stood, and one of the FBI agents pulled out a pair of shackles. “If you resist you will be stunned. Special Agent Faulkner, you are dismissed—by order of the Council, you are to discuss this with no one, under penalty of arrest for conspiracy against the Federation. Is that understood?”

“He has rights under Federation law,” Daniel snapped. “And I will contact an attorney to represent him.”

“An attorney for his defense has been appointed—and you will contact NO ONE, Special Agent. Or I will have you thrown in the cell beside him. Acknowledge my order, Special Agent.”

“I acknowledge your order,” Daniel growled even as he ground his teeth in frustration.

“Good. Now leave—my team needs to catalogue the prisoner’s office.”

Unable to offer the Chief of Starfleet Operations any assistance, Daniel nodded and he walked out of the office to see the shocked faces of the officers and NCOs who watched as their commander—Starfleet’s commander—was dragged away into custody.

The FBI agent stepped out into the hallway and stood beside Daniel. “In fact, Special Agent, you are hereby relieved of duty. We have orders to investigate how deep the rot goes here in Starfleet Command—perhaps we did not get all of Admiral Leyden’s supporters after all.”

“You have no authority over my office,” Daniel whispered. “I will continue my duties until the next Chief of Starfleet Operations tells me otherwise.”

“He just has, Special Agent. I have been appointed by the Council to make certain that Starfleet’s house is in order. Would you care to see the authorization?”

Daniel stared at the civilian, but then he shook his head.

“Good. Now go home and stay there until we send for you.”

“That’s it? Just go home and do nothing while the family of a Starfleet officer is missing?”

“We have determined that Dahlgren’s family are fugitives fleeing justice. They will be found—that is no longer any concern of yours. And Special Agent Faulkner?” the new Chief of Starfleet Operations said.


“Turn in your duty phaser at the door.”

Daniel walked off without a reply, but his right fist was clenched so tight that the knuckles were white.
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