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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Yeah, Huyang was definitely the droid equivalent of Ollivander.

I didn't get a Doctorish vibe from him at all. I think that's rather an unflattering thing to say about a character actor like Tennant, to claim that he failed to differentiate his characters from one another. Yes, Huyang was still recognizably a David Tennant character, but so was his Hamlet, yet his Hamlet was quite distinct from his Doctor.
Well not to get too pissy, I think I can tell the difference.

Of course, it's kind of getting it backward to say that a given actor who played the Doctor is "Doctorish" in another role. After all, each actor makes the Doctor his own, brings his own style and personality to the role. So it's not that Tennant is Doctorish in other roles; it's that the Doctor was Tennantish while he played the role. Just as he's Smithish now, was Ecclestonish before that, and so on.
I say Doctorish, I should have said 10th Doctor to be more specific but since we are talking about Tennat I think you can tell the difference right? He did make a speech about the different planets and described the cultures of those planets in some detail when they were preparing to make lightsabers which reminded me of the 10th Doctor describing other planets and Gallifrey . I thought perhaps it's a small homage.
My thoughts exactly. The way Tennant spoke and the certain inflictions he used while giving out to the youngling who said he was just a Droid was very reminiscent of his portrail of Ten. Saying that though, my other half didn't realise it was him until I commented on it, so I suspect it's a homage to Tennents Doctor in the sense that those who know that character will see/hear him in this character. To be honest, his accent he used was nearer his English/Doctor accent than his native Scottish accent.

But yes, fun episode, at one point I thought Ashoka was going to stuff it and I'm "glad" Hondo decided to sell her into slavery and not kill her.
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