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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Anyone been following the Real Oviedo story?

The team are in the third tier of Spanish football, and are in dire need of funding, and may be out of business by the 17th November.

They started to sell shares publicly and have a major PR thing going on to get people interested. Signed up myself actually. The story is here -

Always wanted to own a part of a football club!

As for the rascism thing going on with the Refs in England. I think Chelsea picked a very bad time to start that, if it turns out to be false, strange that a ref would say it too. Interesting times with it ahead.
Yeah, the Guardian's Spanish football writer, Sid Lowe, is a big backer of this scheme and has been promoting it for a few weeks now. Didn't realise the situation was quite as desperate as it actually is, 17th November isn't too far away. Hope they work it out. Especially cruel as so many of Spain's top flight teams are in administration and debt-ridden - 6 or 7 of them, I think.

Leeds 1 Watford 6. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh. Now, if Cardiff could just win away as well as at home (8 wins out of 8), I'd be a lot happier. I can't keep going to the likes of Palace and Charlton and seeing 2 goal leads obliterated.

I like that Celtic followed up beating Barca by draeing at home to the mighty St Johnstone too.
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