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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man DVD review, discussion thread (poss. spoile

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I definitely plan on seeing this soon, but I'm doing it through Netflix, and ATM it's a very long wait for it.
That's weird. It usually takes forever to get new movies from Netflix (still waiting on the Avengers DVD for example) but this one shipped immediately for me.

Watched it for the first time tonight and I agree with most of what's been said. It was ok but seemed like a pointless reboot. I'm also getting VERY burned out on origin stories. Nothing sucks like watching a Spider-Man movie and having to wait an hour to see Spider-Man ( I expect a similar situation with next year's Superman movie).

On a positive note I will say I liked the "web spinning" scene in the sewer. It sure beats having the hero blindly stumbling upon the villain or worse, finding him without any reason given. It was also a good way to maintain the spider motif.
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