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Re: Species 8472: What were their motives?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
8472 was going to destroy the Borg.

No pretence.

Remember World War Two?

I mentioned it earlier.

It was in all the papers.

What's a paper?


The US had two atom bombs.

Just two.


Not so bad.


Starting to get annoying.

The point is that Truman, threatened to continue bombing city after city unless Japan surrendered unconditionally.

Which they did, fearful of a third strike.

Even though the US only had two bombs.

It's how you play the game of kings.

You win or you die.
I don't think your analogy works, because the Borg and Species 8472 are very different from human nation states.

My point is, if Species 8472's goal was simply to destroy the Borg, why were they sending out thoughts saying they wanted to kill all liefe forms in the universe. That won't scare the Borg and may ensure that others join the war against Species 8472, which is what happened. So why are they projecting malevolent thoughts if they don't believe in them. These thoughts do nothing to scare the Borg and many other telepath would believe them to be true and thus rally other forces against Species 8472. Species 8472 presenting themselves as pure evil was very counterproductive and had no real benefit, so why did they do it?

teacock wrote: View Post
Why are you all assuming that the malevolent thoughts were their actual plan rather than just a collective xenophobic hostility directed at anyone different than them, much like you hear babbling out of drunk racists. Their default position.
Except Kes described their thoughts and feelings as a cold malevolent hatred, not some flash of white hot anger you might get from some drunks at a bar. They seemed more like cold predatory psychopaths, then foolish ignorant people. When they were ripping Borg bodies apart and stacking them together, that seemed like a serial killer would do, not a solider. Besides if not all of them had those feelings, why didn't Kes pick up on that. Again all of this makes Janeway look pretty foolish, if Janeway joined with the Borg because she thought Species 8472.

Besides are there different types of extreme xenophobes. The Nazis were xenophobes and they expressed this by invading other countries and wanting to kill "weaker" races. There was no room for diplomacy with the Nazis and the Nazis aggressiveness ensured war was inevitable. However North Kora is also xenophobic, but they express it differently. They favor isolation keeping foreign elements and culture out of their country, to ensure that outside influences do not taint the "purity" of their people. So what kind xenophobes were Species 8472, aggressive war like ones who wanted to kill everything else in the universe or simple isolationists who want nothing to do with anyone else and only wanted to destroy the Borg because they made incursions into their realm.

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