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Re: Labeouf Wants 18 Million To Return To Transformers 4

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I would say that the Bourne series is surviving without Matt Damon, not succeeding, because every movie until Legacy was more successful than the last. In box office receipts, Legacy is a regression.
It made back its budget; Universal says there will be a sequel. Financially, it wasn't as successful as The Bourne Ultimatum, but it surpassed the worldwide receipts of the first film and was about on par with the second. The movie (which, admittedly, I haven't seen) did fine.
And I'm not arguing with any of this at all because it is not in contradiction with what I said. Yes, it made back its budget. Yes, it turned a profit. Yes, the franchise of Bourne movies is going on. But no, it is not carrying on with the trend of each movie doing better than the last.

And surpassing the gross receipts of the first movie isn't much of a success when it's riding off of its success and that of the other 2 movies that came afterward. The first movie had to make it on its own. Anyway, I look forward to seeing Legacy when it comes out on DVD.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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