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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.
It might be in America's best interest if Louisiana had the ability to protect it's coast line and waterways, and patrol it's skies, right from day one. Certainly the assets in the Louisiana air national guard should be released if Louisiana goes independent. Also some small naval and coast guard vessels.

The future relationship between the US and the Louisiana State wouldn't have to be a adversarial one. Maintaining a friendly political/diplomatic relationship would be in the interest of both parties.

In terms of disenfranchised people, the people of Louisiana would change from being 1.5 % of their country's population, to being 100 % of their country's population. Their power to select their nation's leaders would be increased.

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Let's see, Louisiana has ridiculous amount of oil and natural gas.
What gives Louisiana the right to those? Natural resources in the Gulf are currently owned by the federal government.
Not exactly, the US controls the Gulf Waters off the US coast line. The federal government doesn't control Mexican waters. And they wouldn't control the waters off of Louisiana.

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