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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man DVD review, discussion thread (poss. spoile

Timby wrote: View Post
Establishing Oscorp as a multi-tentacled beast was a great creative decision.
Sorry, but I can't agree. It was lazy writing as it's been done in other Spider-Man stuff before and is really just stealing a riff on Lexcorp, right down to the shortened name.

Shailene Woodley has been cast as Mary Jane; she is reportedly set to have a smaller role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (for lack of a better title at this point) and her deal includes an option for a third film (which basically says that they're killing Gwen at some point in one of the sequels).

Spook/Hoorah! Admirer wrote: View Post
I asked the guy giving out the tickets at the movie theater if it was good or not, and he wouldn't say. He kind of talked around answering the question, which didn't make me feel too good.
Yeah, BIG red flag. Theater employees can get fired if the management thinks they're bad-mouthing movies (which discourages ticket sales). You'll note that they never seem to mind praising a good movie to the nth degree. (Or at least that's been my experience.)

shivkala wrote: View Post
It certainly is not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination. I just found myself getting bored by parts and thinking, "This has been done better elsewhere." I think it's a case of being good from a technical standpoint, but not hitting the right chords, emotionally for me.
95% agreed. I do think they managed to mostly pull it together in the last 1/4 of the film, but the first 3/4 were just off.
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