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Re: Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion in cash and stock.

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^But presumably the GIFs were selected because they were Disney/SW mashups, something which clearly existed before the deal just because there are random mashups of everything out there already. So it stands to reason that the chariot is from some Disney production, and that's the question I'm asking: what production?
I don't believe it's from a Disney production at all or was ever intended to have anything to do with Disney, despite whoever compiled those images thinking it did (like I said, the pink princess image has nothing to do with Disney either --it's just a generic princess costume with Vader parts added. The only vague connection is that Disney Princesses are so popular). I think someone (probably at 4Chan) just thought it would be funny to make the scene of Han chasing after the Stormtroopers look like they were pulling him in a chariot. The chariot and harnesses are just drawn on to the Star Wars gif frame by frame, it's not taken from any other movie. Searching the image on TinEye shows no mention of Disney whatsoever.
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