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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

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So much for democracy,
The United States is not a Democracy and never has been. It's a Republic. Each state has a republican form of government, and that means elected representatives make decisions on behalf of the people.

surely if a referredum was held in a state and a signifigant majority (say 70%) voted to secede. Haven't the people spoken and made their wishes known?
A referendum is only valid if the constitution provides for it (as in California). Neither the US Constitution nor that of the state of Louisiana provides for a public referendum, so even if the entire civilian population of the state signed the petition to support secession it wouldn't mean diddly if the state government didn't vote to act on it and the Federal Government said "Hell no."

So yes they should be allowed to leave if they have the support of the populance. Otherwise if you force them to stay against their will, why not change from the United States of America to the British States of America. Because in essence forcing them to stay would be little different than the British trying to force America to stay a British colony like they did 236 or so years ago.
The difference is there's a mechanism in place for making it happen. 238 years ago you could only use violence to break from the king. Here, if the idiots who created this petition were serious they'd be petitioning their Legislators to vote to unratify the US Constitution and ask Congress to let them out of the contract, which is the only legal way this can happen. If they can't be troubled to do the research necessary to do that much, then no. I don't care if everybody signs it, they should be forced to stay and suffer through the next four years like the rest of us who don't like Obama.
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