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Re: VOTE: SF/F Avatar Contest - Playing Politics

No votes yet for President Snow? President Snow is not happy with you.

I'll let his team repeat the reasons why you should vote for him:

Friends, citizens of Capitol, countrymen, cast your vote today to preserve the Panemian way of life! Help our glorious leader, President Coriolanus Snow, continue his firm but benevolent rule for many more years.

When you go out to vote today, remember everything that President Snow has done for you, and everything he could still do for you - and to you. He has preserved the peace for many years, and has proven himself as a man capable of controlling the unruly and ungrateful Districts and making them serve your needs, as they should. Keep in mind that he has been bringing the food and cosmetic enhancements to your tables for years. Think of how he has been providing you with 24 fresh, young Tributes hacking each other for your entertainment each year; and that he has been giving you one young, ripe, exciting Victor a year to keep for your entertainment - and if you are among the richer of us, for your entertainment. But most importantly, think of how unpleasant it would be if your tongues were to be cut out, or if your loved ones were to suddenly disappear, or to be subjected to our treatment - and once we're finished with them, you can be sure you won't be able to recognize them. No, we are not talking about cosmetic surgery this time. Or, in extreme cases, even you might suddenly disappear. Now, we don't want that to happen, do we?

Vote "YES" for President Coriolanus Snow. Make the WISE choice.
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