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Re: What are you looking forward to in Trek?

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an extended version of."Measure of a Man
I am really looking forward to see this "director's cut" of the episode one day, but I won't buy a whole new disc set just to see it.

I'm planning on seeing the next movie while it's still in the theaters. The last movie was lacking and my friends and I won't be going the opening weekend, likely wait until the following week.

Phase II is alway good (imo), and a web series would definitely get my attention.

I planning to try a few of the new TOS novels. But I haven't been generally impressed with the novels for the past several years, and so rarely buy them. It happen when the novels disconnected from the show itself, went their own direction. They are different than the older novels, which I find superior.

I want to go to a large convention next summer sometime, haven't been to one in years, I have alway had a good time at my previous convention visits. Be great if I could combine a convention with a visit to New York City.

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