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What are you looking forward to in Trek?

Tick all that apply. What are you looking forward to in Trek?

In six months' time Star Trek Into Darkness is released, shortly before that comes the Gorn-tastic prequel videogame (simply titled Star Trek). There's the monthly tie-in comic book Star Trek Ongoing, bridging the gap between movies with recycled alternate reality versions of TOS episodes and some original stories.

The Next Generation in HD, season two+. Including an extended version of."Measure of a Man"

Interviews have recently been recorded for Enterprise's (as yet unannounced) Bluray release.

The Prime-universe adventures of TNG, DS9, Voyager and Titan continue in the monthly novels (the present of which is about five years post-Nemesis). A string of new TOS novels is coming out early next year too.

There are occasional comics like Brannon Braga's Hive, with their own ideas about what happened next in the Prime universe.

If Star Trek Renegades meets their Kickstarter goal of $200,000 they'll produce a pilot film starring Tim Russ, Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, Garratt Wang and a ton of other Trek veterens. They hope to make a fan-funded web series with CBS' blessing.

Star Trek Phase II have three episodes nearing completion. Other high profile fan projects like Star Trek Continues are busy making new Treks too.
Star Trek Imponderables, fun mashups of Trek's biggest continuity errors! Ep1, Ep2 and Ep3
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