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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

Well, I completed the game. The game is a good reason for me to try Gamefly. I am not happy that I spent money on this game. Don't get me wrong - I stand by my comment that this is a great game. It's just that the game isn't for me. I don't have friends, so I can't play the co-op. And I am not a strong enough player to be playing multiplayer. I view multiplayer as being the playground of hardcore gamers. This means I am unable to play the other 50% of the game. When I am playing only half of what the game offers, and the game is retailing at $65, I am not getting full value for the money spent. (Personally, I wish there was more games where the single player campaign wasn't playing second fiddle to the multiplayer.)

There is a scene towards the end where I felt sadness for the Chief.

After playing the game, I find that I am unable to describe what the story was about, or the villain's motivations.

The graphics were superb and among the best I have seen.
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