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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

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Let's see, Louisiana has ridiculous amount of oil and natural gas. And a large number of refineries, refineries that can't be replace without considerable political will (which is missing) so would continue to refine oil for the US.
What gives Louisiana the right to those? Natural resources in the Gulf are currently owned by the federal government. The federal government would have to consent to giving them to Louisiana. Even if Louisiana is democratically entitled to secede, they aren't entitled to deprive something that currently belongs to the US as a whole.
Louisiana has thousands upon thousands of producing oil and gas wells in their state waters and marshes as well as on land that are not owned by the federal government. They also have massive salt domes where oil and gas reserves are stored. They have the massive Haynesville Oil Shale in Northwest Louisiana that is a huge money maker. Don't forget they have a huge seafood industry. Louisiana could sustain itself if it seceded.
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