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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Double Jeopardy: This is fantastic, we get to see the doppelgangers again! I was watching this thinking.. you know you really can't get better than this, having TWO O'Neill's out there in the universe. If you tried to get it on with one of them and it didn't work out well you just learn from your mistakes and go after the other one!

AND THEN.. goddamn it. And really, I don't get it. Most of their deaths was because of the power drainage wasn't it? Why didn't they desperately rush them back through the gate to Harlan's pad and fix them up?

Also in this episode we had this Goa'uld:

OH how I hated her. I kept looking at her and thinking, "if I had a psycho ex-girlfriend this is exactly what she would look like".

This was a sad and rather pointless end to the doubles. Good episode other than the deaths.

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