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That's how it worked in prior games. And if you do that in III, it will send them sprawling, but it won't do any damage.
I feel like you must be doing something else, because hitting Counter should do exactly the same thing in III that it's done in all the other games.
If I am, I'd love to know what!

Though in the old games, you had to hold down Right Trigger to even get Counter to appear as an option; that doesn't hold true in III, though. And because III got rid of the whole "high profile" thing, I haven't been holding the trigger during fights. Are you still doing so? That could be the difference...
Well, I'm playing on PS3, so I'm not sure exactly how the controls may differ (I assume you're on XBOX). The "high profile/low profile" hasn't been present in the series since the very first game; they got rid of that with AC2.

I'm honestly not sure what you're doing wrong. The gameplay on PS3 has been pretty much identical over the course of the last 4 games. If anything, I find the fights to be a lot easier in this new game.
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