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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

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"The Cage" transporter room has an A frame visible when you look out and it seems to be a narrower corridor than the one seen where Kirk exits the transporter room in "WNMHGB". They're probably different locations."
Thanx. I had forgotten about the second transporter scene in "The Cage". If the transporter room set is the same in both pilots, it would appear that (in real life) it is not necessarily at the location we see in WNMHGB but maybe behind the blue door we see at the far end of the WNMHGB corridor?

However, this would make the entire studio set rather long and probably too big to accomodate it at the stage where they shot it. Darn, I really wish we had set blueprints of both pilot episodes / films.

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