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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP


Just in case it may be of help for your orientation I tried to do a thread summary / index on page 35


My copy of the Making of does have the A-frame untrimmed (21st US printing from 1979). Maybe both photo pages can be combined to create a wider one.

As for original photographs of the pilot sets I already did some search. A gentleman going by the name of "Great Bird of the Galaxy" has a fascinating collection of original negatives (!!!) but none from the pilot sets.

Trekcore does have a rare shot of Pike's cabin, though:

It almost seems that for "The Cage" they only had a corridor ending in the circular briefing room / lounge set. The corridor outside the transporter room (I missed that one, thanx) in the later transporter room scene in "The Cage" could be the opposite end of this corridor (did Jeffrey Hunter really walk into his cabin set or actually the transporter room one?).

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