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Re: What happened to the Romulan Empire after Romulus was destroyed

Five children, all of whom reached child producing age. Admittedly my middle sister and I haven't started. So far I have nine nieces and nephews.
Congratulations, T'Girl.

But what's the average number of children per family these days? Do you think your family is the rule or not?

A growing population will need a lot of food, so being farmers would be of tremendous help.
You can't have 1 year old farmers, educators, engineers, etc, T'Girl.

They didn't suffer from a lack of supplies, the food was destroyed by fungus.

And nothing says that this, or something like it, didn't happen to the Romulans.
EmperorTiberius is going on and on about how it couldn't/didn't.

Except these people aren't biologically romulans; they're subject species.
Descendants of those people who originally came from Vulcan.
The romulans would be the descendants of the ~10000 vulcan exiles. No more.

The parallel to immigration into USA is people NOT related to these. And you don't have vulcans among the future romulan subject species.
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