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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

About the trekverse:
Don't know about that, the Klingons seem to operate a highly functional society, and have for centuries.
In a fictional universe, because the scenarists said it so.
T'Girl, their culture is a joke because it's not realistic AKA it could never exist in the real world - no scenarists to help with a ton of poetic licenses.

If hypothetically Spock had killed Kirk during Amok Time, this would not have been considered murder by the Vulcan culture. Because of the conditions in which the killing took place.
This duel to the death in vulcan society is also garbage development - and morally abhorrent.
It undermines vulcan society as anything approaching moral and makes every single vulcan character opening his/her mouth about how illogical/immoral humans/etc are a complete hypocrite.

DS9 is administered by Starfleet and they operate a starbase out of it. It definitely isn't Federation jurisdiction.
It definitely IS starfleet/federation jurisdiction:
Tials are conducted in accordance with federation law, federation citizens being the judges (the fate of Dax, Rugal, Worf, etc was shown being decided thus).

About the real world:
DO read what I wrote, T'Girl, instead of coming up with semantic irrelevancies or fictional non-viable 'morals':

About your...logically wobbly statements:
You might want to follow your own advice and read your own posts, T'Girl:
Nobody is saying that what used to be Kurn's mind was wiped completely clean, it retained the ability to walk and talk. What was removed was Kurn himself.
So - completely clean except walking and talking. No other exceptions indicated or alluded to by you.
You said the only thing Kurn knew was to walk and talk.
No taking your statements out of context will change this.

Did you notice how I didn't use the word "only" in that sentence?
No, you used: "Nobody is saying that what used to be Kurn's mind was wiped completely clean, it retained the ability to walk and talk."

If you want to play 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' when faced with the evident - well, be my guest.

On your part.

Okay, I've quoted your entire statement, how are you possibly being taken out of context?
No you didn't.
You quoted: "doctors have permission to perform extremely dangerous procedures ..."
The entire statement is "Did you know that, legally, doctors have permission to perform extremely dangerous procedures on a patient if these procedures are the only way to save the patient's life?"

You also attacked an irrelevant point of the statement - hence your need to take it out of context.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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