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Re: Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Grading & Discussion

Masquerade wrote: View Post
I liked the expanded flight deck and the addition of loads of extras. Finally we get to see the Galactica in her prime as bustling war machine operating at full capacity.
Pretty much how I feel about it.

6079SmithW wrote: View Post
Watched it. Loved it. Need more of it. I liked how much they managed to tie in "Caprica" with so little time per episode. Also, Mike Dupod is in everything apparently. BSG, B&C, SGA, SGU, FUD and probably more that I'm missing. I'm creating a theory called Mike Dupod theory, which states that BSG, Stargate, and Halo all occur in the same universe and that they occur in the past, present, and future, respectively.
Looked up his filmography, and apparently he was in Maximum Overdrive! I'm sure it would be quite easy to tie that in with your theory, tying the trucks in with the Cylons somehow.
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