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The triangle is pretty complicated and requires rigorous practice. Remember, Kobe Bryant came thisclose to demanding a trade because he fucking hated the triangle.
This NEVER happened.
During Jackson's first season with the Lakers, Bryant got incredibly frustrated with the triangle's focus on the center (and the close relationship that O'Neal developed with Jackson), and he had several episodes of lashing out over what he felt to be a reduced role. Obviously, they've mended their fences, but the triangle is not a simple offense.

Steve Nash would also be wasted in the triangle, and Howard might have a hard time picking it up, too: It was really an anomaly that they made it to the Finals without Karl Malone ever learning it.
Nash wouldn't be wasted running the Tri. He is a smart guy, a great shooter and passer, and can get into the lane -- all skills that help any offense. The Triangle (as with the Princeton) simply would not require the ball to be in his hands as much as a pick and roll offense would.
The triangle offense relies on wing players to do the bulk of the ball handling beyond half-court. Nash is not a good fit in that offense.

Well, anything might happen but keep in mind, Dwight plays center which is the easiet of all the positions in the Triangle to learn
Howard's a bi-polar headcase, though. It's hard to believe that picking up a new offense in the middle of a season would be terribly easy for him.

If PJ comes on board, it will be the second time he has taken the reins in mid-season
Huh? Jackson returned to the Lakers in June 2005, well after their season was done; Frank Hamblen took over the team after Rudy T resigned out of nowhere.

The team stated today that the they are about 95% certain Phil will be the coach so that sounds like they have pretty much accepted whatever Phil's "dealbreakers" may be. Now, whether or not he accept's theirs is the question. It certainly isn't 100% that he will.
The team made no such statement; it came from an unnamed source (which is almost certainly Jackson's agent, trying to get leverage over the organization after the fanbase has been screaming for him to return).

I'm not saying Jackson's a poor fit (he's probably the best fit); having grown up in Chicago and seen what he did with the Bulls, I think he's the greatest of all time. I'm just saying he'd be coming in and dealing with a very different roster than he last worked with. That roster was built for Mike Brown's systems, not Phil Jackson's, so there will be some pains -- and they won't have a lot of time to get the ship righted, no matter whom they hire.
There are 77 or so games left in the season. That is plenty of time. This is a team full of veterans, not guys who are new to the league.
Being a veteran doesn't mean you pick things up that much more quickly. A team doesn't suddenly and magically pick up a new playing system out of the blue after having worked in a different system throughout training camp and the like.

Edit: Jackson has told the team that he's pretty insistent on both the travel restrictions and the personnel thing, so both sides have agreed to table discussions for a couple of days; Lakers did a phone interview with D'Antoni today and are interviewing Mike Dunleavy tomorrow.
The team has stated that they are continuing the interview process in the event that Jackson does not take the job. From what I have been reading, although no formal offer has been made, the team has made it clear to PJ that he is their guy if things can be worked out to their mutual satisfaction.
Just as the leaks about the job being Jackson's if he wants it are almost assuredly coming from his agent as a leverage thing, I guarantee you that the interview with Dunleavy is a leverage move on the Lakers' part. They're telling Jackson that they're more than willing to go with another candidate if he decides to throw a tantrum about not wanting to travel.
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