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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Great film! Now THIS is James Bond. Quantum of Suckatude decided to suck all the joy out of the Bond franchise and turned into into a generic, Jason Bourne rip-off. This movie was a lot of fun and felt like Bond.

Craig is back strong here after a disappointing performance in QoS. I agree it's too early for the "Bond is past his prime" storyline but I think it worked great here and that he really pulled it off. Judi Dench was great...she never gives a bad performance. Sometimes distinguished actors are cast in these kind of roles and never really given much of a chance to shine (think Maggie Smith in the Harry Potter film). But thankfully, the recent Bond films have decided to make her a much bigger part. Her interaction with Daniel Craig is one of the highlights of this film.

I do agree M didn't have much of a leg to stand on when it came to defending her record.

Javier Bardem stole the show and was a great villain. That opening scene had everything laughing, especially Bond's "How do you know this isn't my first time?" Definitely inspired by the Joker but that was fine with me. The funny thing is, he's basically accomplishes his ultimate goal. Bond's victory here is a pyrrhic one at best.

I enjoyed the rest of the cast. Finnes, Q, and Eve are going to make great additions to the future movies.

I greatly enjoyed the closer look this film had at Bond's early life, something that the films have largely ignored. It makes sense in a way, seeing as this film stays mostly at home in Britian. I liked that too.

Tremendous action scenes in the style of previous Bond films and the opening credit scene was fantastically done. If I had any problem with the film, I felt it was very slow-paced at times, particularly when Bond was first in Hong Kong.

Looking forward to more.
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