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Re: I'm a Timelord get me out of here...

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Yes, but not all celebrities will do absolutely anything for attention, if a celeb goes on a show like get me out of here, it shows they are doubting their carrerr and that it is going downhill. Come on, if you were rich and famous, would you really want to go through all that shit in the woods? Would you humiliate yourself infront of live TV? I think not.
Of course, not, because I could AFFORD not to. It's easy being a rich successful actor. But that's a minority of actors.

If you WEREN'T rich and famous, what would be YOUR price to go on TV and "humiliate" yourself?
If you were a failing celeb, surely you'd rather go on a few pannel shows than make a twat out of yourself.
1. You didn't really answer my question.
2. Why do you assume Colin is making a "twat" out of himself or is even planning too?
3. What is a "failing" celerity? Not every actor is Daniel Craig.
Batman does not eat nachos.
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