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Re: I need to run this by some people...

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The differences between men and women are greatly exaggerated. Other humans are often a great mystery, but very little of it is related to sex or gender.
This is exactly right. Women are no mystery-- they are individuals. That's one reason your story was such a great idea, whether it ultimately works or not.
She liked it, so it worked. When I write stories, I don't even understand them fully, it's perfectly understandable if others don't. I'm sure I'll tell her what I was doing eventually, and then she'll tell me I'm an ass, and we'll go from there.

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If that's you in your avatar i'd say you are also not ugly or repulsive (might think about a new hairstyle though but that's just personal opinion).
That's Iwan Rheon mostly known for his role as Simon on Misfits.
Yeah, I look nothing like him. I'm also not a Welsh actor, no one's ever mistakenly thought my name is Barry, and I've never had sex with a melon (at least, no one can prove that I have.) I look like this:

Yes, I'm wearing eye liner.
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