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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

Let's see, Louisiana has ridiculous amount of oil and natural gas. And a large number of refineries, refineries that can't be replace without considerable political will (which is missing) so would continue to refine oil for the US.


Louisiana has some fine schools. Source of lovely international tuition money.

The Panama Canal charges up to $140,000 dollars for a ship to pass through. There's lot's of traffic on the Mississippi River that has to pass through Louisiana.

The people of Louisiana paid their share for the creation of the US military, in all fairness they should get their fair share of it when they leave. No Nukes.

Unless the US federal government wanted to be snotty about it, crossing the border would be like entering/exiting Canada. Basically nothing but a long line and a display of your drivers license.

And for our liberal friends. The House of Representative will change from Republicans controlling 55.4% of the seats, to Republicans controlling 55.1% of the seats.


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