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Re: "The Three Saaviks"

^ On Meyer? No. It's well-known, and discussed openly by Meyer himself, that in his meeting with Roddenberry before shooting began on TUC, he basically told Roddenberry to shove it. In fact, Meyer says he regrets the way he acted in that meeting and the fact that, with Roddenberry's death at the end of TUC production, he'll never have the opportunity to make amends.

However, Roddenberry's comments about Saavik turning traitor could have influenced any of a number of other people, including executive producer Leonard Nimoy. Not because it was Roddenberry, but because they thought the opinion had some merit, and they knew the fans still paid attention to what Roddenberry had to say.

However, the way I've read it is that it was a combination of factors. First, Meyer wanted the Alley version of Saavik, not the Curtis version, and Alley either couldn't or wouldn't take the part. Second, Catrall, who was Meyer's second choice to fill the role in TUC, didn't want to play another Saavik. And, third, they started to question whether Saavik should turn traitor. All those things together contributed to the decision.
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