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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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^ What do you make of the Cubs' issues with Korean players? They were usually highly touted, but then went nowhere (except out of town).

To my knowledge, they never really took off anywhere else either.

Poor scouting? They had Derek Lee's father as an agent for Asian players, at least in the past.
Multitude of factors, not the least of which is adapting to American pitching and batting. Korea's baseball system isn't nearly as competitive and filled with elite talent as, say, Cuba's or Puerto Rico's or Japan's, and there's a huge talent gap between Japan and the USA, too. Baseball hasn't reached the point in Korea where it's a game that kids grow up playing in rudimentary form, generally.

I don't think it's necessarily been bad scouting (everyone in the world wanted Hee Seop Choi, for example); when you look at the Cubs' general inability to develop prospects (internationally or not), it's not evaluation but rather poor talent development.

Jim Hendry wasn't a terrible judge of raw talent (though it definitely fell by the wayside as his job status became more threatened and ownership started telling him to win now), but a lot of the coaches and training staff throughout the organizations were lifers who had been there as far back as the mid-'90s. A sane organization wouldn't have rushed Corey Patterson to the majors, but rather would have kept him at AAA until he learned how to take a fucking walk. Choi's bat speed never caught up to even AAAA-level pitching. Sean Marshall was a schizophrenic motherfucker. No one seemed to realize that Carlos Marmol was a headcase until Epstein and Hoyer came in. Felix Pie only just now started reaching being league-average at, well, anything. And the list goes on, all the way back to Brooks motherfucking Kieschnick.
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