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Re: Species 8472: What were their motives?

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You do remember that Kes was a shit teep?

She might have been coming into power in a couple episodes, but the girl had no control.... 8472 were also power telepaths, and was it that she was in their mind reading, or were they broadcasting into her mind... I mean there is precedence with Dee emphatically reading assholes light years away, but these bastards were thousands of miles apart from the dinky Ocampa yet we're supposed to believe that Kes could get a lock on these lads thoughts if they weren't helping her complete the connection and control the narrative?
It still doesn't make sense to send out malevolent thoughts, if the enemy they are fighting, the Borg, don't have telepathic powers and generally are not effected by emotions like fear. There is no point in trying to make yourself appear scarier then you are really are, when dealing with an enemy like the Borg. So who were they trying scare, random alien races they had no beef with, who had telepaths? What does that accomplish besides making new potential enemies?

Frankly with the raw power Species 8472 demonstrated, they didn't need to put on a scary front, the Borg clearly bit off more then they could chew when they invaded their space and no other race in the DQ would be suicidal to fight them, if they didn't have a reason to. If other races thought Species 8472 wanted to destroy them regardless, they would have reason to fight Species 8472, otherwise other alien races would just avoid contact with them.

This also makes Janeway look kinda foolish, that she made an alliance with the Borg based on Kes' telepathic impressions of Species 8472, so if Kes' impressions were wrong, she made one of the worst diplomatic and tactical errors in Star Fleet history. Species 8472 was planning on invading the federation because of Voyager's alliance with the Borg, so Janeway almost doomed the Federation with this error. Heck, letting Species 8472 continue their war with the Borg, would servilely weakened the Borg Collective, making things safer for Voyager and the universe as a whole.

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