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Re: What happened to the Romulan Empire after Romulus was destroyed

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What about your parents? How many children did they have?
I'm betting - FAR less than 10.
Five children, all of whom reached child producing age. Admittedly my middle sister and I haven't started. So far I have nine nieces and nephews.

Except - you have to educate/grow them up first.
And they can't help you with this by being farmers, etc.
A growing population will need a lot of food, so being farmers would be of tremendous help. The first generation would be people who lived on ships, perhaps for years. These would be the start of the Romulan technical society. Passing knowledge would be a priority.

Their colony might be like when a new community is started here, investors and contractors cut a road into virgin forest, build 100's of homes. Local businesses build a grocery store a few gas stations and a shopping center.

Instant community.

So were the people in Kirk's colony. Didn't stop them from suffering from lack of supplies.
They didn't suffer from a lack of supplies, the food was destroyed by fungus.

And nothing says that this, or something like it, didn't happen to the Romulans.

Not all Romulans would be born on Romulas, but they would be part of the total population of Romulans.
Except these people aren't biologically romulans; they're subject species.
Descendants of those people who originally came from Vulcan. People who would spread outwards from Romulas. Colonization or invasion, people who built the Romulan Empire, who went to spend the rest of their live on some new world.

Then, after a half dozen generations, their prodigy would spread to yet another new world, new colony.

And after a half dozen more generations, the "children" move outward again.

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