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Re: Species 8472: What were their motives?

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Yet in "In the Flesh" they seem far less aggressive, suddenly their motive is just wanting to be left alone.
8472's first contact with Voyager must have had quite an effect on them. Got them to change their tune, so to speak.
It makes them seem kinda wimpy though, Voyager gives them a bloody nose and then they back down. Didn't they realize that committing galactic genocide would be a very bloody affair? You can likely expect a few casualties if you declared on every other species in the universe. They seemed to go through some pretty big villain decay, if they go from nightmarish creatures to poor misunderstood beings who want to be left alone and need a hug, in the space of couple episodes.

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Well that's a given.

Was getting rid of Hitler worth getting into bed with Stalin?

Was getting rid of Gadaffi, trying to g... Standing up to Gadaffi worth getting into bed and arming Saddam Hussein?

There's a novel, which might have been written before caretaker came out, where Kathy is annoyed because she can't broker peace between these dinky little warfleets, and eventually attacks both sides until they team up to destroy the Federation, who they are not completely aware is on the other side of the galaxy.
But if Species 8472 goal was not galactic genocide, they were not akin to Hitler. So it be like allying with Stalin to defeat someone who turned out to be a big paper tiger.
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