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Re: How would other characters have handled the Kobyashi Maru test?

It seems the test does assume that the cadet is going to violate the Neutral Zone to save the Kobyashi Maru. It'd be somewhat amusing to have a very officious, cautious cadet (perhaps non-human) who says, "I'm sorry. Under no circumstances will I violate the Neutral Zone," and just decides to move on, the stranded ship and its crew be damned. I wonder which course of action is likely to be more frowned upon in the no-win scenario. Probably none of the captains we see would do that, of course--as Kirk says, risk is part of sitting in the chair. But Data in the early days of his sentience might be fairly "by the rules" in a way that even Saavik couldn't be, sense the natural emotional response is to save people in danger.

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