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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

You know, whenever we hear this stuff about letting a state secede I say, "Let 'em." Because think about what now has to go one with that state now.

Presumably that state is now seen as its own little country independent of the rest of the United States and, thus, that country would need to be treated as we do any other country.

So, first of all, it would mean "tightening the borders" around this independent state, making life very difficult for those who live along state-lines and work across it and having to step-up a Visa system with the United States.

This independent state will now have very limited resources as it now no longer has the rest of the country to help support it, so now a mutual beneficial system of exports and imports would need to be established which of course would be subject to tariffs when it comes to international commerce.

Presumably any military personnel and equipment would need to withdrawn leaving the Country of Louisiana without any means of national defense.

So, really, when I hear these types of things I just wonder if we shouldn't treat them like a little kid wanting to run away from home and say, "Let 'em!" Then either simply re-conquer them as they no longer have a means of defending themselves or just let them see what it is like to "be on their own" and wait for them to come crawling back.
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