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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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I hope it's Phil. Second choice would be Jerry Sloan. Push comes to shove, I could live with the overrated Nate McMillan -- but HELL NO to D'Antoni. His teams never play defense and always choke in the playoffs.
Jackson might not be an ideal fit; most of the core from when he last coached the team is gone, so he'd have to effectively re-install the triangle offense.
I don't think the number of guys who have played for Phil before is really a factor. Most new (for a particular team) coaches don't have any players who have played for them before. But there are still Kobe, Ebanks, Pau, MWP, all either starters or rotational guys. As for the Triangle, Phil might decide to install it (if he decides to install it) in small enough increments that it won't overwhelm the team. IMO, the Tri is not as complicated as the Princeton.
He and Jim Buss don't get along at all, either. If he did get the job, I guarantee you it would just be as a stopgap for the remainder of the season, while a full coaching search went on. He's 67 and pretty clearly doesn't want to coach until his hip falls off. (Even prior to his final season, he was wanting to only coach home games and let Shaw lead the team on the road.)[/i]
The stuff about Phil and Jim Buss's relationship all stems from Phil's comment about their not having a relationship rather being about confrontations and wars of words. Jim and Kobe had no relationship up until last season when they finally sat down together and talked. After that, it was fine.

Well of course it will only be a "stop gap". The Lakers have a 2 year window; that is the reason Mike was let go, and the reason Phil is being considered -- because he is the guy best equipped to win now. If it is Phil, it will likely be a 2 year deal with maybe a third as Phil's option.

Phil has had two hip replacements. His girlfriend, Jeanie tweeted all summer long that he is healthy and ready to coach. Phil, more than anyone, knows what that means. He has had more than a year way from coaching so I suspect his batteries have been recharged and he is ready to go.
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