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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

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Murder is killing someone in a illegal fashion Edit_XYZ . What Kurn was requesting was very obviously not murder in the Klingon culture, and it's not clear if it was considered murder in Bajorian territory.
First - murder is illegal and immoral across all Earth's cultures
And again, it's not clear that killing Kurn would have been considered murder. Killing and murder are not quite the same thing.

Plunging a knife inside one's chest is murder - illegal and immoral.
Except when it's not, the Klingon culture obviously doesn't consider Mauk-to'Vor to be murder, when done under certain conditions.

If hypothetically Spock had killed Kirk during Amok Time, this would not have been considered murder by the Vulcan culture. Because of the conditions in which the killing took place.

DS9 is under federation/starfleet jurisdiction - and both Sisko and Worf made it clear that Worf snuffing his brother IS murder as per federation/human law and morals.
DS9 is administered by Starfleet and they operate a starbase out of it. It definitely isn't Federation jurisdiction. And Worf told Dax that the only way he could consider Mauk-to'Vor to be murder would be to think like a Human.

Klingon culture - a joke, considering it's implausible to a ridiculous degree.
Don't know about that, the Klingons seem to operate a highly functional society, and have for centuries.

You might want to follow your own advice and read your own posts, T'Girl:
"What make you who you are is your personal identity, your knowledge of self.

Nobody is saying that what used to be Kurn's mind was wiped completely clean, it retained the ability to walk and talk. What was removed was Kurn himself."
Bashir: Well, wiping his memory is relatively simple, say an hour.

He'll know he's a Klingon, and how to speak the language, and virtually everything he needs to know in order to survive, except who he is ...

He won't remember you or anything about his real life.
And there it is, what was removed was Kurn. Which is what I said.

Nobody is saying that what used to be Kurn's mind was wiped completely clean
So - completely clean except walking and talking.

What was removed was Kurn himself
No other exceptions indicated or alluded to by you.
And what I said (not you) was: "what was removed was Kurn himself." Which is also what Bashir said, Kurn memory would be wiped, and he wouldn't remember his real life.

Oh, and after Bashir was done, "Noggra" could in fact walk and talk.

Did you notice how I didn't use the word "only" in that sentence?

You didn't even properly reread your own post.
Thankfully I have you to repeat them all back to me.

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Again, the medical procedure was done without Kurn's permission.
Did you know that, legally, doctors have permission to perform extremely dangerous procedures on a patient if these procedures are the only way to save the patient's life?
Oh, I never said it was a extremely dangerous procedure,
Is this an example of a strawman argument like you were referring to earlier?
No, T'Girl. This is an example of you taking a statement out of context, so that you can attack it.
Okay, I've quoted your entire statement, how are you possibly being taken out of context?

If the procedure is not 'extremely dangerous', it's obvious the doctors have permission to perform it - when they have permission to perform even the 'extremely dangerous' ones.
Problem there is this , Kurn was perfectly capable of being woken up, he wasn't in danger of dying on the table. Permission for any medical procedures, extremely dangerous or not, could have waited until Kurn was conscious.

How did Bashir obviously have Kurn's permission?

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