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Posted by AlexR:
Posted by Forbin:
Like, "when did the unspoken rule that there can be no occupied hullspace between two warp nacelles got thrown away?"

(short answer: "The Wounded" with the first appearence of the Nebula class)
I'm not sure there's a quick-and-easy answer to the question of "Roddenberry's Rules" that won't be a debate in and of itself, though. "They were a fairly groundless attempt to discredit FJ after Roddenberry had a falling-out with him" is accurate, but is likely to start more arguments than it ends, eh?

But... That does give me an idea...

<Dashes off to make some edits>

GR was outlining early ideas about why the engines were the way they were to Matt Jefferies even as the original Enterprise was being finalized. They weren't made up for Franz Joseph Schnaubelt or anyone else in particular-just a burst of creativity.

I wish this conspiracy theory would die.
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