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Re: Sci-Fi Channel Special Edition Extras...

I'm a younger Trek fan (a couple months shy of 25), and this was my first real exposure to TOS. I'm so glad to see these again.

I remember that after Sci-Fi pulled the Special Editions, someone (apparently an SFC employee?) posted the scripts for the unaired Nimoy segments on the message board. They were then reposted to - the site went down a long time ago, but luckily, it survives in its entirety on

One odd thing I noticed: The script for "The Tholian Web", as posted, has Nimoy mentioning that when the episode aired in November 1968, Richard Nixon had just been RE-elected, which is incorrect - Nixon was elected to his FIRST term in '68. I find it hard to believe that this was a mistake in the actual script, or the final filmed version. Maybe it was an error in the transcript?

Anyway, that's not all. I also probed the Internet Archive captures of the Sci-Fi message board itself, and found the script of the Nimoy segments for "The Cage," which somehow didn't get mirrored on that other site. Read them here.

I also backed up text files of all the scripts on my computer in case the Internet Archive backups ever disappear.
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