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Re: What happened to the Romulan Empire after Romulus was destroyed

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So - every romulan couple has to have 3 children per 30 years
My scenario was a generation of fifty years (being Vulcanoids), and a average of three surviving children.

My great'grandmother Izabel had ten, of which seven lived to begin parenting children, plus there was 1 adopted child. She had 14 son/daughter-in- laws (there were some re-marriages), 33 grandchildren, and 115 great'grandchildren (one of whom is me).
What about your parents? How many children did they have?
I'm betting - FAR less than 10.

Which raises the problem: how does a colony manage to feed/educate/etc a population 3 times as numerous as the preceding one, every 30 years?
By producing lots of farmers, teachers, craftsmen, storekeepers, technicians. In other words, children.
Except - you have to educate/grow them up first.
And they can't help you with this by being farmers, etc.

And when they grow up, they'll have the same problem you have.

Romulans must hand-wave resources in order to support these next generations.
Remember, they arrived on Romulas a technological people.
So were the people in Kirk's colony. Didn't stop them from suffering from lack of supplies.

One - of many - relevant information: "The total fertility rate in the United States estimated for 2011 is 1.89 children per woman, which is below the replacement fertility rate of approximately 2.1"
Don't forget to into account that in addition to the 4 million people born in America in 2011, there were an additional 690,000 who were naturalized as citizens last year. About 11.8 percent of Americans were born outside of the country. But they are still Americans, regardless of their birthplace. And they are part of our ongoing population increase.

Not all Romulans would be born on Romulas, but they would be part of the total population of Romulans.
Except these people aren't biologically romulans; they're subject species.
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