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Re: Exit stage right

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Speaking of flow throughs, there's this partial fanfilm called "Devious" included on the bonus feature of "The War Games" (included because it features a mid-regeneration Doctor who is actually in between his 2nd & 3rd incarnations and Jon Pertwee makes a cameo at the end of it). In it, there's a scene where the Doctor walks entirely around the TARDIS 360 degrees, touches its surface at a few points, and then walks inside and the camera follows him through the doors and it all appears as a single seamless shot. I've never seen anything like it, not even on the new series, and I have absolutely no clue how they did it. Does anyone know how they pulled off that shot?
While I can't specifically say, it does appear to be a composite of two separate images. You can sort of see the different lighting around the Doctor's shoulders compared to the rest of the scene. I suspect he isn't even walking, but walking in place while an image of the TARDIS (filmed by a cameraman walking around it) is placed next to him. He is probably able to touch it because it's a solid wall where he is and he eventually opens the doors on that wall and goes through.

Really cool shot, though. I haven't seen them attempt to do anything like that in the new series.
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