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November Art Challenge - bullethead's Entry

A bit of a story behind this one. I wanted to do a TNG "Mirror, Mirror" novel cover with the Tom Riker pic I've got shopped in here, but since Photoshop decided to act up today, I decided to go with making "Defiant" a Voyager episode. I whipped up an initial version with just Voyager and Riker, but it felt a little sparse, so I added Janeway and Chakotay to give it a little more life. Then I added the title and thought "wow, this is kinda lame," so I decided to turn it into a TV Guide cover.

The worst part is that this episode doesn't exist.
A business man and engineer discuss how to launch a communications satellite in the 1960s:
Biz Dev Guy: Your communications satellite has to be the size, shape, and weight of a hydrogen bomb.
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